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Why your skin needs this oil!

Posted by ​Phyllis Renee Arellanes, LMT at NaturElle Spa & Boutique, Prescott Valley, AZ on

You may ask, “What is jojoba (pronounced ho-hoba)? Jojoba comes from a plant that grows in desert climates. A glowing non-odorous liquid wax is expelled from the seed stock yielding what is known as jojoba oil.

Jojoba has some amazing benefits for both the hair and skin. Jojoba conditions the hair and scalp, prevents dryness, strengthens the hair shaft, and restores manageability. A good way to use this oil is to apply it about an hour before you shampoo your hair. It can also be used on babies to treat or prevent cradle cap.

Jojoba is nearly identical to sebum, the oil that our own bodies produce. It is wonderful for soothing and restoring elasticity to any dry areas while conditioning and softening the skin. Jojoba also has a use for makeup removal and especially for mascara removal. Simply apply the oil to a damp cotton ball and wipe away. Jojoba is an excellent moisturizer for the cuticles and helps with skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Jojoba is perfect for massage therapy. It allows you to reduce friction without impairing the grip. Jojoba is also gentle on your linens and washes out of natural fabrics with hot water and laundry soap. I absolutely love using Pure Jojoba in my practice and my clients love how moisturizing it is without any oily residue.

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