Watering eyes could be your makeup

Watering eyes could be your makeup

Published by Lori, AllNaturalCosmetics.com customer since 2002 on 17th Apr 2018

I always thought that my eyes were sensitive but I didn’t find a solution to my problem until I realized that my eyes would water only when wearing makeup. Maybe you have experienced this, too. Your eyes start to water immediately after you put on your makeup. In brightly spaces, your eyes seem overly sensitive to light, and going outside in the sun and wind is almost painful.

I put up with this for years, thinking that I was just overly sensitive to sunlight, wind or certain indoor environments. I got to the point where I just didn’t want to live with this annoyance any longer so I started to do some research. I didn’t have symptoms of any of the eye disorders that I read about, so I eliminated that area for possible causes. But as I started to learn about allergies and sensitivities, things started to make sense and I began to read the labels of the products that I was using.

I suspected that synthetic ingredients in the products that I was using was causing my eyes to water. The use of preservatives and toxic chemicals specifically jumped out at me and as I found ingredients like parabens, alcohols, fragrances and dyes in the beauty products I was using, I started to look for alternatives. That’s when I found Marj’s company, Cosmetics Without Synthetics. From the very first time I used samples of Marj’s products, my watering eyes began to improve. As I started using Marj’s nontoxic skin care and makeup products together, my symptoms totally disappeared.

I have recommended natural, organic makeup and cosmetic products to many of my friends, who also have experienced watery eyes like I did. Most had no idea that it could be their makeup and skin care products that are causing them daily annoyance. Even if you are a skeptic about the effect of synthetic and toxic ingredients in the daily beauty products that you use, I would urge you to try some samples from AllNaturalCosmetics.com and just see what happens. At the very least, start reading the labels on the products that you use and learn about the ingredients. Harmful chemicals don’t just make your eyes water. They can impact your life.

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