Does Natural Skincare Really Work?

Does Natural Skincare Really Work?

Published by Josephine Larsen on 1st Nov 2018

We’ve probably all got that one unusual family member who makes her own shampoo cakes or soaps. Or perhaps the vegan friend who knows literally way too much about every single cosmetic product under the sun.

So, should you be listening to them? The first thing that should be mentioned is that skincare is a complex subject.

It’s true – not all natural skincare routines will work on you. But choosing to use natural products goes hand in hand with a certain change of perspective regarding brands, beauty, and health in general.

The short answer is: as long as you’re informed on the products and their effects, then it’s definitely worth it to go natural.

If you want the long answer, well, let’s take a look at the kind of approach you should be adopting in regards to natural skincare.

What is Really Causing your Bad Skin?

We organic junkies like to look at the bigger picture. Having good skin relies on a multitude of different factors. Sometimes, you can pile on as much avocado paste and cucumber slices as you like, but it’s not going to change anything.

And that’s because you’re not tackling the problem at its root. Indeed, before you start liberally using natural skincare products, make sure you get advice from a doctor. You may be suffering those spots because of:

  • Puberty
  • Menstrual cycles
  • Stress levels
  • Environmental change
  • Sugar-heavy, fat-heavy, dairy-heavy diet
  • Higher body mass index (BMI)
  • Alcohol & smoking

Some of these are not actually variables. Puberty and menstruation are sadly realities that we have to deal with. But the good thing is, we know they’re both temporary.

There’s also the issue of acne being genetic. Dermatologists have tackled this by saying that whilst skin problems may indeed be hereditary, that doesn’t mean you can’t lessen their impact by fiddling with the above variables.

You’ll find that it’s often the person’s lifestyle combined with the avocado paste that is resulting in smooth, spotless skin.

Lifestyle Changes: How Consumer-Awareness Can Make All the Difference

It’s true that it can be difficult to accept the idea that when it comes to skincare and bodily hygiene in general, there is no single quick-fix product.

But choosing organic and home-made products has more than just the advantage of clearing your skin without adding more problems. You’ll find that taking that extra step might just open your eyes to your own habits as a consumer.

Efficiency: Are Natural Skincare Products As Good as Big Brands?

The more you get in touch with the true cause of your bad skin and how to fix it, the more you’ll realise that you can have a much more direct and focused approach.

You’ll end up using less products, with better results.

Indeed, natural skincare products strip skincare down to the essentials. Instead of trying to make some 3-in-1 concoction full of synthetics, the natural approach makes sure it tackles the intended issue properly.

In the end, you’re getting a focused all-organic treatment. So yes. Natural skincare is definitely just as good, if not healthier, than brands.

To end on an appetizing note, let’s check out some examples of problem-focused DIY skincare products:

  • Dry, aging skin: hydrating ingredients like eggs, milk, honey, sour cream
  • Oily skin: regulate skin pH with ingredients like apple cider and oats

As you can see, the great thing about natural skincare is that you can use what’s already in your kitchen, too!

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