How Olive Oil Soap Can Help Your Skin

How Olive Oil Soap Can Help Your Skin

Published by Marj Melchiors, All Natural Cosmetics on 13th Jul 2019

The Egyptians and Ancient Grecians used Olive Oil in its most pure form for softer, shinier hair and to fight the early signs of ageing, as Olive Oil contains four major antioxidants including Vitamin A and E which allow it to work as such a natural protector, moisturizer and cleanser. The oldest known soap recipes were created in Marseille, France and Castile Spain. Aleppo soap has the addition of Laurel Oil, which is the original form of Castile soap. Every culture had their own recipe. Olive oil soap is known for lotiony lather.

Natural soaps made with a base of Olive Oil help to replenish the skin's natural oils to provide balance and lasting protection, and are free from harsh chemical ingredients and synthetic fragrances found in many mainstream soap bars. True castile soap is 100% olive oil and in the bar form it is the firmest of all soaps.

In the USA, people get away with using the word “Castile” for a mixture of oils in soap, even though they are inappropriately using this term.

What is Olive Oil Soap?

Many natural soap bars contain Olive Oil as a base ingredient due to its deeply moisturizing and nourishing properties. Olive Oil can also be used as a pure body oil, hair treatment or natural bar soap which can help to relieve dry skin and soften wrinkles. Olive Oil soap is considered to be one of the best treatments for dry skin as its humectant properties help to soften the skin texture, hold moisture and nourish it without interfering with natural skin function. Olive Oil soap is a suitable natural body wash for those with sensitive or dry skin as it has a lower pH than most 'mainstream' soaps that can be made from foaming agents, petroleum oil or animal fats which can be drying and irritate the skin. It is also considered to be the most mild of all soaps. Applied to the skin, Olive Oil provides vitamins and fatty acids which leave skin soft, supple and protected.

What are the benefits of Olive Oil Soap?

  1. Perfect skin moisturizer. Olive oil soap gives a very clean and buttery feel despite minimal lather.
  2. Gentle makeup remover.
  3. Antioxidant properties.
  4. Anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Relieves skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.
  6. Extra mild and gentle soap.
  7. May improve acne.

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