Natural and Powerful Skincare Ingredients

Natural and Powerful Skincare Ingredients

Published by Marj Melchiors, All Natural Cosmetics on 25th Aug 2020

There are many ingredients on the market these days that claim to improve aging skin. Many of these products contain harsh or even toxic ingredients. Many women report that as the skin ages, there is a loss of elasticity and moisture along with darker pigmented spots. There are several unique and powerful ingredients for skincare that come from nature to help with these issues. 

Many are familiar with the use of seaweed on the skin. The best quality Red Marine Seaweed comes from remote islands in the Caribbean which are sparsely populated. In this clean climate the Red Marine Seaweed is harvested. An important trait of seaweed for cosmetic use is the outer coat of mucilage which protects the plant from drying out. This trait can be translated for human skin as providing intense moisture and a firming effect. 

A less well known herbal ingredient for improving the skin’s texture is the Mujonso plant. This Malaysian plant is used for its astounding healing purposes for women due to high anti-oxidant properties. The skin can appear more luminous and glowing due to Mujonso. 

One of the world’s most “cheerful” flowers, the Daisy, has little known properties of lightening and brightening the skin. Studies show it reduces the production of skin-darkening melanin and decreases the color intensity of age spots. The Daisy has astringent and wound-healing properties as well. Red Marine Seaweed, Mujonso, and Daisy are all powerful for the skin in their own ways. When combined together in one product, they can produce even greater beneficial results for the skin!

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