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Color the Gray Henna Hair Color by Light Mountain Henna

The complete all natural hair color and conditioning program. Free of peroxide and ammonia! Plus full instructions, cap, and gloves. This 2 step process for those with 10% or more gray hair was created after years of research, motivated by customer needs. The hair color lasts about 4-6 weeks. If you currently have chemically treated hair it is advised to start with the Neutral conditioning version. It is recommended that you perform a strand test with the Color the Gray version first, to make sure you will not have unwanted results.Manufacturer tip: To reduce copper or red undertones, use Step One for a lesser amount of time (5-10 minutes). Also leave Step Two in for a longer period of time (min 45 min or longer).Color the Gray! Color Chart Natural Hair Color * If your hair is very porous, dry, damaged or overly permed, the only recommended shade for you to use is Neutral from the original Light Mountain Color and Conditioner line.



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